I’ve come back to the not-so-sunny-now Spanish coast for a few days right before Christmas, because it is my birthday and because the flight was way cheaper.

It is only a couple of hours in between the two countries, but I have decided to take some books with me, and, of course, bring some back with me as well.

My pick for the plane will not surprise anyone as I already mentioned this on my New Purchases blogpost: The lovely Franzen and his How To Be Alone. I really want to start this one, and I just thought it would be an easy reading for the waiting in the airport and the uncomfortable Ryanair seats, and a relief after The Vegetarian –and you will understand why soon. I will also bring some beloved books that I will have to abandon there, as the lack of space is starting to be an issue. Atonement and Pygmy among others, besides a HUGE AND GEORGEOUS compilation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels, praying for my suitcase to be within the weight limits.

From my old room I will bring some books I left behind when I moved to London. I will get back to Freedom by Franzen (I am repeating myself, I am not sorry), as I never finished it and I would like to do so before getting into Purity. I also have a feeling that I will bring some Classics with me as I am weak and I love a classic novel in winter time, but that will highly depend on the space I have left after I pack my suitcase with all sorts of Spanish goods.

I am excited to put on a real Christmas tree, and eat as much as I can,  avoiding the fact that I will be one year older when I come back, but that is not such a bad thing as I am still here after all. Read you soon.


3 thoughts on “Holi-yay

  1. Books and travelling tends to be a stressful combination: so many books, such a small weight limit! My father gave me a kindle for my birthday a couple of years ago for that exact reason. I did an Erasmus year in England and realised after the first semester that I’d never be able to take all the books I bought for my classes back home with me. I never thought I’d like reading on a kindle – it’s just not the same! And it really isn’t, but it does come in handy at times! For example when you go on holiday and just aren’t sure how much time to read you’ll actually have, so you either run out of books half way through or you carry three more volumes than you needed…

    Have you tried reading on an e-reader?


    1. I would love to get myself one, it would definitely be an easier option for travelling, but I do also need to take some books with me and make some space in my room for now. I think I will put an e-book on my Christmas list anyway, so when I finish all the “physical” books I have yet to read I can just start with the e-reader, mostly for those books you are not sure you are going to like and so you shouldn’t spend money on them… Btw, any book recommendations for the new year?


      1. Haha – are you asking because your reading list isn’t long enough already? 😛

        Hm…I usually recommend that people read Fight Club and Gone Girl.

        Fight Club because the first rule of Fight Club is one ought to read Fight Club, the second Rule of Fight Club is go read it already and the third rule of Fight Club is even if the film’s awesome, the book is still better than the film.

        And Gone girl because I just really like it and in that case the book is actually WAY better than the film.

        …but maybe you already read those two books?


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